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Threading is more precise, especially with a skilled technician who is able to roll tiny hairs into the waxed-thread, along with the more obvious ones.

Eyebrow Threading Abu Dhabi

Eyebrow threading is the process of removing excess hair on your eyebrows. It is a simple, but precision oriented process that requires practice, because the beautician needs to have quick, controlled movements. The beautician uses a thin thread typically made of cotton. At Alyn Beauty Salon, we are very finicky about the threading process, because we know how sensitive you are about your eyebrows. With the right shaping techniques, you can dramatically change the way you look. If you are looking for a well-groomed set of brows, then we have the right people to do it for you. Create an allure, and a charm that you’ve never dreamt of, with the perfect brow shape or brow line by visiting our salon for eyebrow threading Abu Dhabi services.

Waxing In Abu Dhabi

What Special In Alyn salon

At Alyn, we socialise in this unique medieval technique, and transform it completely into an art in itself because there are so many ways to thread and wax your brows and once we are done, you will raise many an eyebrow with your beauty. The right waxing in Abu Dhabi and highly professional threading techniques will definitely transform the way you look and feel. Our beauticians would be able to guide you better on the kind of brows you need to make you feel stunning and attractive. The shape of the arch, the thickness of the brows, the length all matter greatly, and we can transform your looks through incredible perfection.

Team Of Experts

We have a team of highly skilled experts who can tweak the natural arch of your eyebrows and create aesthetically beautiful shapes that will make your face stunning and attractive. Our waxing experts have years of experience behind them, and they are experts at providing almost no-pain waxing techniques, leaving your skin enticingly refreshed and beautiful. Contact us today to know more about our eyebrow threading Abu Dhabi services.



This unique Middle-Eastern art of hair removal is a great alternative to waxing and tweezing. Get a precise eyebrow arch with eyebrow threading and remove stubborn facial hair without any skin damage. Threading is a gentle way to remove unwanted hair completely and leave your skin feeling smooth.

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We provide the best services for waxing in Abu Dhabi. Through our eyebrow threading services, we will remove the unwanted facial hair around the eyebrows, shape it well and this would help define your eyes. It is a painless procedure with long-lasting results.

Avoid cleansers and make up for 24 hours. You can avoid excessive sun exposure as well, if possible. Always make sure you don’t touch the eyebrows even though you might feel some irritation.

After threading, you can wash your face with cold water, and apply aloe vera gel or any soothing cream. In case you face any redness or swelling, you can apply ice to the area and move it in a circular motion.


After threading, you can wash your face with cold water to soothe the skin. If you have any swelling or redness, you can massage a cube of ice to the area and it will make the area around the eyebrows relaxed. Make sure you don’t get out into the sun right after the threading, or apply any cleansers to the area.

Yes, absolutely. Especially for those prone to post-waxing breakouts.

Threading lasts slightly longer than waxing, about 4-5 weeks. It removes the hair directly from the bud, making the hair harder to grow back, and you can perfectly mould the eyebrows in any shape you want. These might not be possible with waxing.

Threading is a quick and organic method to remove the unwanted hair around the eyebrows. Depending on hair growth, the time to finish eyebrow threading can be done within 10-15 minutes.

Eyelash extensions usually last for 4-6 weeks, just like your natural lash cycle. We recommend getting a fill between 3-5 weeks.

The hair should not be too long. For waxing, the length should be at least ¼ of an inch.

Yes. You can exfoliate prior to waxing. This would loosen the dead skin around the hair follicle. It would also prevent bumps and ingrown hair, making it a smoother and less painful experience.