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Let our expert nail technicians pamper your hands and feet, using the best in natural and aromatherapy products to leave you feeling completely relaxed and in harmony with your body and soul.

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Pamper your nails with the best manicure and pedicure Abu Dhabi services at Alyn Beauty Salon. Whatever the occasion, it would be good to turn your nails into ultimate works of art with the perfect manicure treatment. And there is definitely something very attractive about your foot when you’ve just completed a pedicure at our salon. Come to us for that extra touch of elegance and our skilled nail beauticians would definitely make you look awesome. Feel confident with the best hands and feet in Abu Dhabi, and enjoy the best people caring for you. Get ready for the most luxurious nail experience ever.

If you are looking for the best gel nails abu dhabi services, Alyn Beauty Salon is the answer. Curious to know what the gel manicure is? It is nothing but a service that our beauticians use for applying the nail polish and then locking it on your nails. In this nail beautician will use a gel-based polish and use an UV or LED light to do this effectively, so they dry quickly, with no air bubbles or smudging. We have expert stylists who can make your nails look magnificent and beautiful. Treat yourself to the best, and go on an Instagram frenzy with stunning nails in whatever style you need. Enjoy shiny nails that last longer than you ever thought.

With gel nails you can experiment with so many different styles, colours and designs. It dries quickly so you don’t have to wait for the nails to dry. The biggest benefit is of course, the gel nail polish lasts longer than regular nail polish. And they look so natural because they are thin! A gel manicure must be done at a salon because getting that done at a home without proper nail preparation and application can damage your nails. The gel manicure would help with the removal, because when you do it at home, that could be really damaging.

The days of the old kind of manicure are lost forever. No longer do you have to worry about damaging your nails after the manicure is done. Now you can reach into your handbag for your car keys, and not worry about smudging the newly applied nail polish, because with the gel manicure, you can get up from the manicure station and be on your way. Enjoy shiny pretty nails and the expert application of our skilled nail beauticians.

Get your best Manicure & Pedicure in Abu Dhabi

Providing the best manicure and pedicure Abu Dhabi, we can help you choose the kind of manicure or pedicure you need. The main manicure types are basic acrylic, gel, French, Reverse French, Paraffin, and dip powder. Enjoy the perfect manicure treatment by our expert specialists and enhance your appearance by flaunting your beautiful hands and feet. As for pedicure, our pedicure specialists offer various kinds of services including Basic pedicure, Spa pedicure, French, Gel, Paraffin, Athletic and Waterless pedicure.

Classic Manicure Pedicure

Get ready to pamper yourself with the best classic manicure and pedicure services Alyn Beauty Salon. In this, our beauticians would remove the dead and dry skin, clean the cuticles and treat them. Then they will apply a base coat of nail polish followed by your choice of nail colour. In a Classic pedicure treatment, we will soak your feet in a warm tub, scrub and shape your nails with the foot file, perform a short foot massage and then apply moisturiser. This would be followed up by your choice of nail polish.

Manicure and Pedicure - Benefits and Features

It is obvious that you get the best manicure and pedicure Abu Dhabi services when you visit Alyn Beauty Salon. We have an entire team of skilled beauty specialists who can provide the best for your nails and feet and bring out the beauty in them. Being one of the best nail salons in Abu Dhabi, we offer customised treatments tailored to how exactly you need your nails to be, the colour, design, style everything. With timely manicure and pedicure Abu Dhabi services, you are actually giving your nails the best treatment ever, because they will remove the dead cuticles and skin and make them look shiny and beautiful.

Cleaning Hand

AED 25

Cleaning Feet

AED 35
Nail Care


AED 35


AED 40

Change Polish Feet

AED 15

Change Polish Hand

AED 10

Manicure with Gelish Polish Hand

AED 90

Pedicure with Gelish Polish Feet

AED 100

Cut & File (Feet or Hand)

AED 25

Gelish Removal

AED 30

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Nail Care

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Aftercare after manicure and pedicure is important to ensure its effectiveness. Avoid long periods of time in the water after pedicure. Also don’t pick on the product they have painted on the nails. Avoid contact with harsh soaps and chemicals.


Some people get allergies to the physical processes and materials used on the manicure and pedicure. Continuous application of these materials can weaken the nails and even lead to split nails.

Our skilled esthetician would advise you to take a manicure pedicure once every 3-4 weeks. This regimen will work if your focus is on responsible footcare.

Both manicure and pedicure can relax the muscles and skin of the hand and feet, respectively. It will also improve the aesthetic appearance of nails and hands and softening them, physically.

Regular pedicure can help with poor circulation and skin moisture. It can also make tired, achy feet feel better.

You can wait 4-6 weeks between pedicures.

There are different nail manicures you can choose from. Check out our options from standard nail polish, Shellac, gel, acrylic, and dip powder before deciding which one to go for.

When you reach our nail salon, you can relax because your hands and feet are the hands of experts. We would start work right away by soaking your hands or feet in warm soapy water to remove the dead skin cells. Then we will file and buff the nails, clean the cuticle, and massage your hands/feet with hand cream. We will then paint the base coat of the nails, followed by colour, and top coat. And finally, a cuticle oil is applied.