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At Alyn Beauty Salon, you can have the most refreshing and relaxing foot spa Abu Dhabi services ever. We have trained specialists who know how to care for and administer proper massage techniques so that at the end of the session, you will be calm and relaxed. There will be ample blood circulation through your legs, and it will keep your muscles and tissues healthy. A foot spa actually does more health wise too, not just cosmetically giving you beautiful and attractive feet.

Different Services Offered under Foot Spa

We offer different treatments as part of foot spa Abu Dhabi services. We use products that are gentle on the skin, and yet soothing and refreshing to provide the perfect care and nourishment. We have different kinds of foot spa treatments that would help revitalise the skin, leave it hydrated, soft and beautifully fragranced. Feel blissful with our foot massages, and depending on what kind of nourishment you need, we can help you choose the best one. As part of our foot spa services, we will work on the cuticles, remove the hard skin and make your foot look irresistibly beautiful, soft and fresh.

Benefits of Foot Spa

With proper foot spa and massage, you can make your feet refreshingly beautiful as it improves circulation, reduces tension, cures pain and stimulates the muscles. After a spa treatment from our trained foot massage specialists, you will not only have the most lovely feet ever, but really healthy ones too. Increase your sense of well-being with the right foot massage and spa and treat yourself to the best.

Foot Spa Procedure and Process

Detox your foot with the best treatment at our salon. The procedure is so simple and rejuvenating. Our experts would set up a warm bath to cleanse your feet. You can soak your feet in the water and then they will clean your nail and cuticles, exfoliate the skin. This is followed by a foot mask, skin moisturising and finally, nail polish of your choice. This is the basic technique, but depending on your preference and relaxation needed, we can use more techniques and make it rejuvenating.

Why Choose Us?

Alyn Beauty Salon is the best wellness oasis in Abu Dhabi offering excellent services for your feet and nails. Our foot masseurs are expert professionals who can trigger the right points in your foot to make you refreshed and rejuvenated, get the blood going and provide you with the best spa experience. Pamper yourself with the best foot spa Abu Dhabi, and enjoy the best feeling in your life.

Hand Paraffin Wax

Hand Paraffin wax – is a hand treatment that increases blood flow, soothe muscle and joint finger and hand pain, and increases hydration on the skin of your hands. This will also smoothen and moisturizes the skin, decreases the calluses and promotes a sense of calmness and relaxation on sored and tired hands.

Hand Massage

Hand Massage -can helps loosen tight hand muscle, reduce scar tissue and adhesion that cause decrease finger and wrist mobility, and improves hand and finger range of motion and flexibility. Those who work with their hands might have aching knuckles and wrist and sored hand will benefit with regular hand massage that will ease hand and finger pain, increase hand strength and dexterity and even reduce feelings of stress and anxiety.

Foot Scrub

Foot Scrub- this is a foot massage that uses sugar or pumice scrub to soften and exfoliate the skin on the feet, followed by soaking the foot in tub of hot water and finished with the application of moisturizer. This will also another way to keep aches, pains, infections and even dry skin to get soft, smoother and healthy feet.

Foot Spa

Foot spa- is a relaxing way to treat tired feet. It is the perfect way to relax your feet and treat them to a much-needed rest. In order to meet our customer expectations and offer the best experience possible, the pressure, temperature and duration of the massage are all incredibly customizable and offer a wide range of services.

Foot Paraffin Wax

Foot Paraffin Wax- is a foot treatment that increases blood flow, soothe muscle and joints pain, and increases hydration on the skin of your foot. This will also smoothen and moisturizes the skin, decreases the calluses and promotes a sense of calmness and relaxation on sored and tired feet.

Foot Mask

Foot Mask - a pair of foot mask that you can choose from collagen, placenta, keratin, aloe vera and vitamin derivatives for nourishment. It comes with tape for sealing and gives you a concentrated moisturizing care in as soon as 20 minutes.

Foot Massage

Foot Massage- been used to improve health and relax the body. It improves foot circulation, stimulate the muscles, reduce tension and often eases the foot pain.

Foot Callus Treatment

Foot Callus Treatment- calluses typically form on the bottom of the foot or the back of the heel and appear as thick skin that is often gray and dry with flaking. Because calluses consist of multiple layers pf thick, hardened skin that builds up over time, removing them can be difficult, requiring patience and continual efforts. The goal should be to lessen the callus little by little rather than trying to completely eliminate at once that will have tendency to create wounds or break of the skin. It is better to come and visit us at least once a week to remove completely the callus and maintain the smoothness and softness of the foot.

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