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We treat bathing as an essential part of spa time, helping you slow down, loosen muscles, cleanse skin and revitalising your body. Our hammam services create a therapeutic experience, combining exfoliation, steam and cool water.

Get Your Best Moroccan Bath In Abu Dhabi

We provide the best Moroccan bath in Abu Dhabi, to exfoliate your body through our massages, making you feel peaceful and calm at the end of the session. In a Moroccan bath, also known as the Hammam bath, the purpose is to relax the body completely while thoroughly cleansing and softening the skin. At the end of the massage, the skin lightens in complexion, probably because a complete exfoliation is done. The Moroccan massage has similarities with the Turkish bath, but there is a difference in the ingredients used during the immersing process.

In the best Moroccan bath in Abu Dhabi, the massage professional uses natural herbs, henna and black soap and they cleanse and purify the body thoroughly. The massage can be good for 35-45 minutes depending on where you get the session done, and how experienced the professional is. If it is a special Moroccan bath, then it can go for over an hour, and sometimes 80 minutes. In this, you will be first rinsed with warm water, and the black soap will be smeared all across the body. The masseur will then cleanse your body through a steam bath that lasts for about 10-20 minutes. This will open up the pores of your skin completely. During this time, your body will be thoroughly massaged and scrubbed using the Moroccan loofah, thereby boosting blood circulation and removing all the dead skin cells. After the massage, your body will be washed, followed by the application of a moisturiser.

Moroccan bath Specialities and Advantages

The biggest benefit of the best Moroccan bath in Abu Dhabi is that it provides a deep cleansing of the body with complete relaxation. As the steam works through the pores of the body, they open and the skin exfoliates and refreshes from within. The body gets hydrated, leaving it younger and brighter. For a deeper and longer massage, the masseur baths the skin in honey and milk to the skin. This will restore the glow in your skin, making it shine visibly. With an experienced masseur from our salon, you will see the stress lines vanishing from your face, while people will begin to notice your glow. At the end of the massage session, you will feel happy, stress-free and relaxed. This is an age-old technique used by the Romans and the Arabs and a hugely popular one.

Why Choose Us ?

At Alyn Beauty Salon, you experience the best Moroccan bath in Abu Dhabi. And we have experienced and friendly professional masseurs who employs the right massage technique to completely exfoliate and cleanse your body. Once you finish the massage in its scientific manner, you can sleep well, relaxed and completely stress-free, feeling good about yourself and the world. We can help usher you into a world of complete relaxation and happiness, and we understand your need for stress busting more than anything else.

Types Of Moroccan bath

Moroccan baths take different forms like the Finnish baths, Russian baths, MRoman baths, Turkish baths and Japanese baths. There are slight differences based on the purification process and the ingredients used. We can help you understand the process when you get in touch with us and we can explain the ingredients in detail, so you can choose what kind of massage is required for your skin.

Head Massage

offers a variety of benefits especially if you get one from our experienced massage therapist. A good head massage can help lower stress and help you relax. It can even boost blood circulation to your scalp and strengthen your hair. A regular good head massage can be very beneficial for your overall health.

Neck Massage

if you feel that persistent neck pain, muscle soreness and limited movement on your neck, it is best to come and visit us at Alyn Beauty to receive a very relaxing neck massage that will alleviate your neck pain and discomfort, improve the strength and flexibility of your neck, improve circulation and relaxes your mind and relieve the stress.

Shoulder Massage

there’s no replacement for a professional massage therapist to treat your sored and painful shoulder. Most shoulder pain is treatable and shoulder massage In Alyn Beauty is here to help. Each session is custom tailored to our individual client needs. We have some available treatments that surely ease your shoulder pain, tension, trigger points and inflammation.

Moroccan Bath

If you are yet to experience a marvelous Moroccan bath, then you should immediately book a slot at Alyn Beauty. Moroccan bath is extremely beneficial for the overall improvement of your health. Its main goal is to relax your while your skin is being cleansed, exfoliate and soften. It can also whiten your skin and provide an even smooth complexion.

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The Moroccan bath also known as the hammam bath is a traditional bath that will help you relax, unwind and detoxify. It involves a 60 minute session of a ritualistic bath with scrubbing and steaming. This is intended to purify the soul completely.

We provide the best Moroccan bath in Abu Dhabi. Once you remove your street clothes, you can wear your underwear or bikini. You can wear a robe underneath that. Then the attendant will take you to the table where you will lie for the bath. 

Yes, you can take the Moroccan bath once every week.

Ideally, you can take the Moroccan bath once every week. You can also take the bath when you want to open up the spores of the skin, and have a really refreshing bath.

Once you get into the hammam, suitably dressed, you will be taken to the steam room where you can sit and relax for a few minutes. Then the attendant will smear Moroccan soap all over your body, massaging all over. Once the soaping is over, the attendant will rinse it off completely, and use a scrub to completely scrub the body. The hair wash comes next, and it is very luxurious and amazing. This is a very refreshing part of the best Moroccan bath in Abu Dhabi.